Track: Dance Like Michael Jackson
Artist: The Far East Movement
Album: Animal

One Year Anniversary!!!

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. (June 25th, 2009) Please keep Michael Jackson in our prayers and hearts as tomorrow comes along. He was such an amazing entertainer and a father of three wonderful healthy children. He blew away so many fans with his wonderful words that inspired many people. He cherished many children and cared for them. He would do absolutely anything for a sick child in need. This wonderful man changed the world in so many ways with his music and his kindness. As time passes many and many more people forget about what he has done for everyone. I want to ask all of you to not forget about him and to remember what he has done. Michael Jackson is not dead, he is alive because of all his true loving fans. Because we are the ones that are keeping him alive either by his music or his accessories. Please tomorrow take the time to sit down, close your eyes and pray for Michael Jackson!!!!! We love you Michael Jackson with all of our hearts and souls. (Rest In Peace)

This picture makes me cry each time I look at it…

This picture makes me cry each time I look at it…


Track: Come together
Artist: Michael Jackson
Album: History


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Gotta admit, this is better than the Beatles orignial versionnnnnn

Yes, it is. When Michael recreates a old song, he puts style in it and passion.

Track: Come together
Artist: Michael Jackson
Album: History

Welcome Michael Jackson Fans :)

Hello Michael Jackson Fans,

                     My name is Marisha, I am 18 years old. This blog will be all about Michael Jackson. I am a very BIG fan of Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson. I have been a fan of Michael since I was two years old and have been till now. I made this blog to keep his spirit alive and to have all the Michael Jackson fans come together and talk about Michael. Please feel free and comment on anything you like or enjoy. I will be updating information about Michael Jackson and his loving family. Coming soon I will be showing pictures of my Michael Jackson collection that I have been saving up for all of these years being a BIG fan of his. Please stay tune for more exciting things. I experience many exciting things that involve Michael Jackson, I will also be talking about that soon too. Thank you for taking your time to view my blog page, please feel free to come one of my followers too. So Long :)

Michael Joseph Jackson ( August 29th, 1958 - June 25th, 2009) We Miss YOU!!

Michael Jackson VIP

Name: Marisha Brinkman
D.O.B: March 21st, 1992 (18yrs)
Hobbies: Singing and Dancing

*I am a very BIG Michael Jackson fan. I love him very much. He is my hero and idol.